Hastreiter Industries (previously UTM Inc.) is more than a modern CNC turning and 5 axis milling machine shop.

Providing Contract Manufacturing Solutions

Low to medium volume machined parts

 ITAR Registered | JCP Certified (DD Form 2345)

 Machine Shop

Reduce Lead Times

Get machined parts on your schedule.

Next day delivery feasible via hot job or stocking.

 utm cnc machine shop

Lower Overall Costs

Elite talent using advanced equipment means efficiency.

Efficiency on our end means a better bottom line for you.

 quality machine shop

Solve Quality Issues

Move from non-conformance reports to perfection.

99.75% of purchase orders have zero defect parts

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Increase On Time Delivery

1 in 10 deliveries are late from average shops.

1 in 100 deliveries are late from Hastreiter.

Advanced and Efficient Manufacturing


Advanced should also mean advancing. If your supplier falls behind, you fall behind as well. Already cutting edge machining with 4 axis turning and 5 axis milling, Hastreiter Industries invests heavily in being a leader with our capabilities and capacity.



What's New at Hastreiter Industries