Additional Capabilities and Services

Hastreiter Industries is a full service precision machine shop with many ancillary services.


Additional Capabilities Summary

  • CNC Programming utilizing CAM software

  • Automated sawing

  • Parts surface finishing

Hastreiter Industries is a 2018 Top Shop winner from Modern Machine Shop magazine.

Hastreiter Industries is a 2018 Top Shop winner from Modern Machine Shop magazine.

CNC Programming Capabilities/Services

Hastreiter Industries utilizes a high end CAM (computer aided manufacturing) system for programming our CNC machines called PowerMill (Autodesk). The strength of this program is in it's ability to produce complex tool paths and the full control over individual sections of tool paths.

Are you lacking CNC programmers? Hastreiter can program for you utilizing either PowerMill or our second CAM program, HSM.

Machine Shop Services

Additional Manufacturing Capabilities

Hastreiter has automated sawing up to 10 inches (254mm) in diameter, which saves on labor.

Parts finishing including buffing, de-burring, sanding and parts washing. Hastreiter Industries works with a qualified network for heat treating, clear/black/color anodizing, hard coating, chem film (chromate conversion coating), nickel plating, passivation, and gold plating.

  • Stocking/Kanban

  • Just In Time (JIT) Delivery

  • Hot Jobs

Additional Services

Running out of warehouse space or do you regularly need parts with a short lead time? Hastreiter Industries has the space to stock your parts and ship them to you on a moment's notice.

Do you operate with just in time (JIT) delivery? With 98.5% on time delivery (3 year average) and our ability to stock/kanban parts, Hastreiter can ensure reliability in your supply chain.

Need machined parts tomorrow? Next day delivery is possible. In 2015 an entire butter factory went down, costing tens of thousands of dollars as hours slipped by. Hastreiter was able to produce the necessary machined parts to get the factory operational within 24 hours. Hastreiter Industries consistently is able to complete hot jobs, while at capacity, due to tactically using a buffer for when the unexpected occurs. An article about this buffer on an aerospace part for hurricane surveillance can be found here.

Hastreiter Industries works with a qualified vendor network for other other needs such as heat treating, precision grinding, welding and fabrication.


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