Capabilities Overview

For a Fortune 500's division, Hastreiter Industries is their only vendor to achieve the "quality approved" status; our parts go directly into their stock, bypassing their quality control department. Hastreiter has decades of experience and proven solutions, verifiable through our history with customers and performance statistics.

99.75% POs have no defect parts

98.5% jobs delivered on time


CNC Milling

Hastreiter Industries utilizes CNC 5 axis mills, which increases efficiency by reducing the number of operations to manufacture a part.

"Simultaneous" or "full contouring" 5 axis milling enables us to manufacture complex parts.


Capabilities Summary

  • Complex 5 axis milled parts up to 20 inches in diameter

  • 3 axis milled parts up to 40 X 20 X 20 inches large

  • Tolerance as tight as +/- .0005 inches

  • Small to medium volume


5 axis milling

CNC Turning

Hastreiter Industries utilizes 4 axis CNC lathes that can produce complex parts up to 9 inches (229mm) in diameter.

Multi axis mill/turn lathes with live tooling and sub/twin spindles increases efficiency by reducing the number of operations to manufacture parts.

Capabilities Summary

  • Turned parts up to 9 inches diameter

  • Tolerance as tight as +/- .0001 inches

  • Complex parts made with multi-axis mill/turn lathes

  • Small to medium volume

cnc turning services
cnc machining services

Source: Modern Machine Shop 2016 Top Shop Survey & Hastreiter Industries

5 axis milling titanium

Other Services

Just in time delivery (JIT) at 98.5% on time (3 year average)

Hot jobs, next day delivery is possible

Stocking or Kanban

Part identification and trace-ability

3D CAD modeling (latest versions of Solidworks & Inventor Pro)

CAM programming (PowerMill, FeatureCAM & HSM)


Production Sawing up to 10 inches (254mm) in diameter


Lead Time

Lead time is simple and easy. When do you want it?

For many of our customers, it’s in the range of 2-6 weeks or only a matter of days if we stock for you. Though I've lost track of how many times we've manufactured same day hot jobs. Hastreiter Industries is powerful and flexible for getting you what you need, when you need it. Give us a call and I think you'll be quite pleased, especially if you're looking to reduce your current lead times. We have 98.5% on time delivery with such flexibility for a reason.