CNC Turning Services

Shortly after being founded in 1988, Hastreiter's CNC turning services launched onto the machining scene when Ken Hastreiter was approached by a medical equipment company. The company had a double helix hospital bed part that they couldn't find anyone to make. Ken developed a modified process on his 2 axis manual lathe that enabled him to unexpectedly pump out the parts quickly.

Technology today makes the double helix part easy. What Hastreiter did was give our customer an impossible solution when the technology didn't exist yet. We continue to do this, utilizing the technology of today with the ingenuity of tomorrow.

Capabilities Summary

  • Parts up to 9 inches diameter and as small as 0.08 inches

  • Tolerance as tight as +/- .0001 inches

  • Complex parts made with multi-axis mill/turn lathes

  • Small to medium volume

A titanium wedding band we produced is included in photos for size reference.


Size of Parts

Hastreiter Industries produces turned parts up to 9 inches (229mm) in diameter and as small as .080 inch (2mm) diameter.

Up to 3 inch (76mm) diameter bars can be put through the spindle of our multi axis mill/turn lathes for increased automation, utilizing bar pullers.

While 68% of machine shops have CNC lathes, only a mere 28% have twin spindle lathes. Unfortunately, too many machine shops don’t invest in staying current with technology.


CNC Lathe Equipment Specs

Hastreiter has twin spindle mill/turn CNC lathes with a fourth Y axis, tool probes and live tooling. This enables Hastreiter to produce complicated parts while reducing the number of required machines and operations per job, thus creating greater efficiency than most machine shops. Savings that get passed on.



Depending on the geometry, Hastreiter Industries can produce a tolerance as tight as +/- 0.0001in (0.0025mm). Some precision grinding capabilities for +/- 0.0001in (0.0025mm) as well.


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Quality & Trace-ability

Hastreiter Industries' inspection process was born from the demands of the aerospace industry. Machinists, operators and management follow a thorough process of first article inspection, ongoing inspection during manufacturing, and final inspection. 99.75% of POs have no defect parts because getting it done right the first time is what you should expect from a vendor.

All Purchase Orders are traceable: production history, inspection history, and material history. Additional trace-ability can be added, such as individual parts marking. Parts can also be serialized and tagged to individual inspection reports.


Not sure we have the right capabilities to fit your needs? We're constantly expanding our capabilities because we have the customer demand, capital and critical expertise to do so. Give us a call or shoot us an email for an evaluation.