We're always looking for dedicated, passionate people.

You may have seen us in the September, 2018 edition of Modern Machine Shop magazine. We were awarded as the Human Resources Top Shop winner because of our top industry performance, work environment, mission/vision, and benefits. We encourage you to apply!

I like coming here. People always have a smile on their face. I don’t always see that in other shops.
— Tooling Vendor

You might fit in here if:

You prefer an enjoyable work environment and get treated as family, not a disposable number.

You prefer to have your talents and quality workmanship valued.

You prefer to be part of a small, but fast growing company that has a tangible purpose.

You like having access to the latest technology.

You might like your benefits at Hastreiter Industries if:

You like to be well compensated… which of course includes free coffee, ice tea, hot tea and sports drinks.

You like having a full retirement plan where we put extra money, equal to a large percent of your wage, into your personal account with no matching needed.

Paid vacation that starts accruing from day 1.

You like having family come first, including paid maternity/paternity leave.

Healthcare Coverage

Hastreiter Industries has company sponsored health insurance AND a subscription based clinic to avoid co-pays and hitting deductibles.

Hastreiter Industries has partnered with Astia Healthcare, a local subscription-based clinic. Through this partnership Hastreiter Industries offers to pay up to 70% of the monthly cost so that employees may only pay $24/ month. This allows unlimited, no-extra-cost access to doctors, primary care, urgent care, hospital level labs, X-ray, EKG and more from their Marshfield and Wausau locations.

We have a quarterly, home-cooked lunch. Hastreiter provides the food and some extra paid time off.

We have a quarterly, home-cooked lunch. Hastreiter provides the food and some extra paid time off.

Oh, and did we mention Astia does house calls at no additional cost? That’s right. House calls.

This is not to replace health insurance, but rather supplement your day-to-day health needs and upkeep without needing to calculate what treatments will hit your deductible or how much the co-pay will be. For more extreme emergencies, specialist requirements, or other treatments not covered by Astia, it is important to still have health insurance.


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