Get Deliveries On Time

stop waiting. start making.


Have you ever ordered a pizza for the big game, but the pizza boy showed up three days late? Nope. And neither should your manufacturer do that to you.

The average machine shop delivers 1 in 10 jobs late ( while Hastreiter Industries delivers only 1 in 100 jobs late. Average is unacceptable. Average costs you money.


In the time Hastreiter delivers 1 job late, at 98.5%* on time, other machine shops will deliver 8 jobs late, at 87.8%* on time

Customer Story

An OEM machinery company had a different machine shop manufacture a large assembly where every piece was unique. After being months late and failing to communicate a real expected delivery time, delivery finally took 5 months. In 2016, Hastreiter cut the lead time down to 6 weeks and delivered on time, while being transparent through the whole process.


Hastreiter Industries work to understand your needs and then finds a way to meet and exceed them. With hitting the deadlines you need, Hastreiter can keep your production schedule efficient, without having to wait for delivery. See more about who we are or give us a call.

*Data from, Modern Machine Shop's 2015 and 2016 surveys averaged for the "other shops" category, which are the bottom 80% performers overall. Top 20% of machine shops averaged 95% on time. Hastreiter's on time delivery of 98.5% is the current 3 year average.