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Tier 1 industrial machining

Industrial equipment and machinery form the backbone of nearly any industry producing or handling goods, whether its a harvester in the field or conveyors carrying the final product. OEMs want suppliers that help streamline their supply chain, making Purchaser's jobs simpler without having to worry about the ordered parts. You want to keep your production lines moving and deliver to your customers on time without having to handle non-conformance reports and subsequently worry about having warranties bite you. For this reason, Hastreiter Industries has 10 times less late deliveries than the average machine shop (1 in 10 jobs late vs 1 in 100 jobs late) while producing parts that won't fail with 99.75% of POs having no defect parts. If a manufacturer doesn't share their statistical performance they're either sub par or don't track it. Neither are good for your bottom line.

Whether it's automation equipment, automated sheet metal forming machinery, conveyors, or more, Hastreiter produces machined parts for dozens of applications.

If you're looking for a supplier to keep your real costs down and keep your delivery schedule on time, lets talk.

98.5% on time (3 year average)

99.75% of POs have no defect parts

While we continue to contribute parts to industrial equipment and machinery within the context of our own quality management system and continual improvement, Hastreiter Industries is currently pursuing ISO 9001:2015 certification.

*90% on time statistic from vs 98.9% on time for Hastreiter Industries