Recently, we ran a complicated part that fit within a 0.55” cube. It had 18 features with +/-0.001” and 6 features with a tolerance of 0.0003”. The customer’s response after receiving the parts were, “I don’t know how you held everything but well done”. The parts were perfect, dimensions were spot on.

 Machining Complex Parts

Reliable machine shops that can manufacture complex parts to specification and deliver on time with reasonable lead times are not easy to come by - because the math is stacked against you. There are 22,000+ machine shops in America and only a select few can produce exceptionally complex parts. Finding the right one is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Hastreiter Industries utilizes advanced equipment, such as 5 axis mills and multi axis, twin spindle lathes, that enables us to machine complex parts. However, having the equipment is only half the story. Hastreiter Industries is a recognized Top Shop, ranking at the top of our industry for performance based on Modern Machine Shop’s industry wide bench-marking survey.

Most of our complex parts are Aerospace, Defense or under NDA and cannot be shown. However, we machined out our logo (pictured below) for the Top Shop Hall of Fame located at IMTS, the largest manufacturing trade show in North America. The logo is an absolute piece of craftsmanship. It was machined in one operation from a solid piece of aluminum. The braid in the upper right is completely machined on the back side and not connected to the back plate, which was given a chiseled “stone” look.

Hastreiter Industries joined the Top Shop Hall of Fame in 2018.

Hastreiter Industries joined the Top Shop Hall of Fame in 2018.

Dozens of sample parts that cannot be posted on the internet are available to you on a tour of Hastreiter Industries. To evaluate your project needs, get a quote or tour, contact us - our average response time to an email request is less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, check out a gallery of photos that we can show under our Industries Overview page.