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Today's markets are expecting shorter and shorter lead times.  It is hard to find a manufacturer who understands, consistently meets, and exceeds your needs.

What good is lead time if they don't deliver on time?

Other Shops: 88% on time (1 in 10 late)*

Top 20% of Shops: 95% on time (1 in 20 late)*

Hastreiter: 98.5% on time (1 in 67 late)

Often times, manufacturers have excessive lead times due to lacking manpower/talent, scheduling issues, manufacturing inefficiencies, or insufficient capital to expand with increased demand.

Hastreiter Industries has strategically mitigated all of these potential issues, including: training/apprenticing, decades of manufacturing expertise, an ERP software designed specifically for machine shops, investing heavily in manufacturing technology and being financially non-leveraged.

Hastreiter is able to be flexible and efficient in lead times. We're a go to manufacturing for hot jobs that need to be made in a day or two. For most of our customers, our lead times are 2-6 weeks or less (depending on size of jobs and complexity) and delivered on time.


Customer Story

A company required a lead time of 2 weeks that their current machine shop couldn't match. The machine shop could not stock parts for the company, who had insufficient warehouse space due to fast growth. Hastreiter Industries resolved the issue by utilizing a new facility. The expanded space allows for the stocked parts to ship out once the PO is received, same day if needed.


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Need a fast machine shop? Typical lead times are 2-6 weeks depending on complexity and size of the job.

*Data from, Modern Machine Shop's 2015 and 2016 surveys averaged