Above and Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility

Because We Care

We believe a business should be there for people whether it's in our everyday operations, how we treat our employees, our interactions with customers, suppliers, or how we give back to the community.

Hastreiter donates 50% of net profits, owners Ken and Sondra Hastreiter are furthermore developing a nonprofit organization called Shiloh Bound. The vision of Shiloh is to impact communities and industry/workplace through dynamically mentoring and empowering individuals from challenged backgrounds, those with limited opportunities, or those who simply need direction or help in life.

Almost every one of us can point to someone on in our life that without them we wouldn't be where we are today, whether it was a teacher, parent, a mentor, or a Boy Scout leader.

Unfortunately, many don't have help, guidance or the economic means to stand on their own, thus remaining without hope. We aim to change that.

The idea is to mentor individuals in their personal life, family, community, and spiritual life while giving them a trade skill, thus empowering individuals at a personal and economic level.

Struggling individuals are instead able to provide for themselves and family while being individuals of integrity that contribute to making our society better. We've all seen the need for stronger communities and a larger, skilled workforce.

Partnering with Hastreiter Industries is partnering for the future.

More about this page and its photos:

Shiloh's website is www.shilohbound.org. Pictures above include a retreat called Discipleship Alive at Shiloh, 200 apple trees being planted at Shiloh for future community outreach use, and a week long summer outing for high school age young adults with Ken and Sondra Hastreiter.

Shiloh is an established 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with an active board of directors, but is still developing into being a full time nonprofit ministry. Hastreiter Industries is currently growing so as to accommodate future programs such as apprenticing/training individuals that will go through Shiloh.

Shiloh is currently fund raising in order to build their facility, a Makerspace / Fab Lab. Please take time to check them out and potentially help out at https://www.shilohbound.org/donate/.